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✨ World Keratoconus Day ✨

November 10 is World Keratoconus Day


🧬 Genetic test for keratoconus

The test considers 75 keratoconus-related genes, more than 2,000 gene variants and ethnicity when determining an actionable keratoconus genetic risk score


November is Eye Donation Month

Eye Donation Month is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of registering to be a donor, cornea donation and transplantation.


🎃 Keep your eyes safe on Halloween

Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween and practice healthy contact lens wear and care.


World Keratoconus Day 2021

November 10 is World Keratoconus Day!


💙 25,000 Facebook Group Members 💙

Keratoconus Group's private Facebook group for keratoconus patients and eye care professionals now has more than 25,000 members!


Can sleep position affect your keratoconus?

In this issue: Keratoconus and sleep position, watch Ben's experience about keratoconus and crosslinking, new NKCF webinar, and more!


Your corneal crosslinking questions, answered!

The muscles of the eye are your most active muscles, constantly moving to readjust the position of your eyes. You blink 15 to 20 times a minute on average, but as your head moves, the eye muscles are constantly adjusting the position of the eye to maintain a …


🎉 Our keratoconus community is now 14 years old

Thank you—Keratoconus Group members—for the support you provide, for the knowledge you share, and for understanding when no one else does.


Light mode vs. dark mode, Ortho-K lenses—and more!

Keratoconus Group's 14th anniversary, the battle between light mode and dark mode, Ortho-K lenses and keratoconus, the latest news, community highlights, and more!


February 28 is Rare Disease Day 🎗️

Hello everyone!